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VegFEST Bristol 2014 - Free Tickets To Giveaway

Preparations for one of Europe's biggest and most unique vegan lifestyle and music festival VegfestUK Bristol 24-25th May, are gathering pace, with headliners announced and tickets now on sale.
This festival traditionally features a vegan food fayre during the day and lets it's hair down with headline music in the evenings.  25,000 visited past 2 years.

This year's headliners are:

- Boney M ft. Maizie Williams, Gwen Dickey's Rose Royce, Abba Gold on Friday May 23rd
- Peter Hook and the Light, Ruts D.C., Goldblade on Saturday May 24th
- Zion Train, Black Roots on Sunday May 25th

Full admission info and advance tickets for the evening part of the show are at  www.bristol.vegfest.co.uk/ticket-information

Of course you want to be there!  We have 2 pairs of tickets to giveaway.  1 pair for Saturday and 1 pair for Sunday. Each pair is worth £25!

Enter below for your chance to win.  Winners to be announced 1st week in May.

Meanwhile, the daytime events feature 140 stalls & caterers, dozens of talks and cookery demos, clay modelling workshops, hoola-hoops, kids cookery classes, art and craft tent, comedy hours, short films, 5 all-day bars and more!

Admission for daytime events is £3 (pay on gate) and free for kids under 16, with no advance tickets available.

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New Vegan & Gluten Free Products Just Keep Rolling In

London Olympia was host to the Natural & Organics show last weekend.  I went along to see what new products were being launched. Also, to just take in the atmosphere.  When you get a gathering of people who are passionate about what they do, and care about their consumers AND the planet, the atmosphere is quite electric.

Held over three days Natural & Organic have zoned areas Beauty & Spa, Health, Living and Food.  Primarily, my interest was in the FOOD but I did stroll though the other zones to see if anything caught my eye.

I thought I'd share some photo's with you.  I was heartened to see many of the Continental European, and American products I love to enjoy when I am travelling are beginning to make their way over here, together with great 'home grown' foods emerging. 

There was a feast of exciting new chocolate, more coconut products than you can shake a stick at and a substantial amount of gluten free foods.  All making it easier and tastier to be vegan and gluten free.  The days of feeling like you are missing out are numbered (not that I do, research and persistance pays off in many ways).

Chia Pod


Life Food

Ohso now have a sugar free version 63 calls

Apricot Kernel Butter from Sun & Seed. Extremely good for you and delicious.

A salad/cooking oil made from milk thistle.  Milk thistle is a great detoxifyer and liver strengthener and cleanser.  Erbology also had delicious no sugar sea buckthorn jam

My Award For Best New Vegan Chocolate  - Goes to Pana Chocolate  With quite a few flavour combinations, the chocolatier from Australia certain knows flavour!  Soon to be in the UK.  

Best Museli I've tasted.  Made with raw vegetables.  It has the perfect balance of sweet and crunch.  Filling too!  from Primrose Kitchen

Seitan made from spelt that SOME people with gluten sensitivities are able to tolerate.    If you know you can then you'd enjoy these products. I cannot so I did not try them.

Gusto Kola. Sugar and artificial sweetener free.  It is loaded with botanicals and actually tastes like cola.  I was surprised!  

Raw Ecstasy

Delicious cookies.  Soon to be sugar free.  Punku Quinoa cookies.

A (shy) Michelan Starred chef Chris Horridge is making his own range of sugar free, healthy vegan sorbets. The coconut wasabi ripple was INCREDIBLE!  Yi

Delicious vegan cheese made from almonds.  Soy free!  Vegecheese

Food For Life are coming over from the US with their vegan and gluten free breads.

Look out for these new products.  MANY of which will be in the large UK supermarkets.  The big stores have caught on.  Which of course is great but I am also wary of larger companies getting on the band wagon and touting foods as  health foods but when you look at the label they are stuffed full of processed sugar, crappy fats and fillers.  All the above are both delicious and healthy.  The best combo!

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