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Raw Sprouted Buckwheat Hummus - Recipe

Raw Sprouted Buckwheat Hummus

I have a friend who calls chickpeas 'devil food'.  The force of her wrath is due to the 'fall out' after-effect of the ubiquitous legume.  Mindful of this and needful of dip, I hunted around for alternatives.  I'd not soaked any almonds so that was out.  My stock of pre-cooked black beans were frozen solid.  Oh dear, I had nothing to 'hummus' but I craved it so! 

In a moment of inspiration I grabbed my dish of buckwheat, happily going about its business of sprouting on my windowsill.
I paired it will all the usual 'hummus' suspects, and crossed my fingers as I stood and watched it quickly blending into a thick, pale cream.

I slathered it thick on a wedge of sweet potato, hot and steaming, fresh from the oven and eagerly bit into it like an open-faced sandwich. Verdict?  It is really rather tasty!  Hunger abated and full of delight that my experiment had worked I roasted some cumin and bashed the smoking seeds with a pestle to release the flavours, and the together the two became firm friends.
I then dug around in my cupboard to fish out my mandolin (not the instrumental kind..though that would of been fitting!) and sliced some delicate rounds of beetroot to create an easy starter.  More about that after I've shared the basic recipe with you.

First, sprouting the buckwheat.  Buckwheat is not a grain but a seed, related to the rhubarb family.  It is full of amino acids (one of most complete sources on the planet) and is gluten free.  It is a 'healthy' starch and after soaking in water for 20mins (some say longer but I've heard it can spoil quickly), it gives off a gloupy gel like substance that needs to be rinsed vigorously.  Once rinsed pop into a sprouter and rinse 3-4 times a day.  You should see the little sprout tail emerge after a day or two.  Rinse, rinse and rinse again, and then you are ready to turn it into moreish (and Moorish) hummus.

2 cups raw sprouted buckwheat
1 plump clove garlic
1/2 tsp salt (pink preferably)
1/2 lemon juice (2 Tbs)
1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar or ume plum seasoning (to lift)
1-2 Tbs tahini (raw if that is your bag)   I used 1 Tbs and it was delicious.  See what you think.

1. pop all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth and creamy.  Check for seasoning.  Is it ok?  You may like more lemon or more salt.  Try it.

Nutrition (source Food Matters)

Sprouted buckwheat is an amazing food because it tastes like a grain but is actually gluten and wheat free and not a grain at all. It is one of the most complete sources of protein on the planet, containing all eight essential amino acids. This makes it perfect for diabetics and those who want to cut down on their sugary carbohydrates and to balance their blood sugar levels. It is also known to lower high blood pressure. 

Sprouted buckwheat also cleanses the colon and alkalizes the body. Buckwheat is a wonderful super food for people who have varicose veins or hardening of the arteries. One of the reasons is that it is full of rutin, which is a compound that is known as a powerful capillary wall strengthener. When veins become weak, blood and fluids accumulate and leak into nearby tissues, which may cause varicose veins or hemorrhoids. 

This healing food is also rich in lecithin, making it a wonderful cholesterol balancer because lecithin soaks up "bad" cholesterol and prevents it from being absorbed. Lecithin neutralizes toxins and purifies the lymphatic system, taking some of the load off of the liver. Sprouted buckwheat is also a brain boosting super food. 28% of the brain is actually made up of lecithin. Research suggests that regularly consuming foods rich in lecithin may actually prevent anxiety, depression, brain fog, mental fatigue and generally make the brain sharper and clearer. 

Buckwheat is high in iron so it is a good blood builder.
 It also prevents osteoporosis because of its high boron and calcium levels. Sprouted buckwheat is high in bio-flavonoids and co-enzyme Q10. It contains all of the B vitamins, magnesium, manganese, and selenium, as well as many other health giving compounds. 

Wow!  AND it makes great hummus.  Also, when teamed with mint, fresh raw beets, cumin, lemon oil and my homemade Marrakesh Relish….it is heavenly!


Be well

India Leigh x

p.s  another raw buckwheat recipe you may like caramelised onion tart
p.s.s it is an excellent substitute for oats too.  Try it for breakfast.


Richa 5 September 2012 10:43   Best Blogger Tips

the hummus sounds awesome! I love sprouting everything. havent tried buckwheat thought yet. my usual hummus is sprouted chickpeas. i hear ya, chickpeas are just everytwhere:) this is definitely a great alternative!

chow vegan 9 September 2012 11:26   Best Blogger Tips

I haven't really tried sprouting anything but it sure sounds fun. The buckwheat hummus looks super yummy especially with the beetroot. :-)

kittymystic 19 March 2014 16:07   Best Blogger Tips

Just made this recipe tonight. It was amazing!!! Thanks!

kittymystic 19 March 2014 16:08   Best Blogger Tips

Just made this recipe for dinner tonight. The hummus was amazing!!

India leigh 21 March 2014 01:22   Best Blogger Tips

Hello kittymystic , thanks for stopping by. I am so happy you enjoyed the buckwheat hummus! #mademyday

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