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Where to get Vegan Products in Buenos Aires

My time in Buenos Aires unearthed a number of vegan and gluten free products that I enjoyed.  Here are a few of them.  
From Veganius I found this little tub of vegan and gluten free trifle in Casa China (a great natural foods market in Belgrano…it is always super busy and has international products and a great bulk section).  Made with masa flour.  Not for soy haters.

The chia and alfa alfa meal made by Natural Seed was great for sprinkling on my breakfast.  So nutritious!

 I used tons of the nutritional yeast.  You can find tubs of flaked yeast or boxes of fine powdered nooch.  It is called Levadura de cerveza.  I think it tastes marginally different from US and UK offerings.  This yeast is grown on cervaza (beer) I guess.  Marigold Health Foods nutritional yeast are grown on molasses.   

A couple of dieteticas stocked Oh Yeah It's Vegan raw flax crackers, which were really good and crunchy.  Esquina De Las Flores stocked lots of dried gluten free flours, including a green pea powder which was great to whip up a quick and filling soup with.

 Almacen Del Sur produce a berenjenas (eggplant/aubergine) dip very similar to baba ganoush.

 ' located in the heart of Palermo Hollywood, Bonpland market stands out from other traditional markets of Buenos Aires. Born in the heat of the crisis, this place is still relatively unknown so it offers a nice walk to give among the regulars.
The initiative comes from a French installed in Buenos Aires with the idea of protecting small artisans and producers: to create a market that is based on the principle of solidarity economy. A method in vogue in France that seeks to sustain ecological and human values: organic farming, sustainable development and fair trade in order to promote and protect local businesses. 
Members of the Neighborhood Association joined Palermo Viejo and knew where to get it done this initiative: Bonpland 1660.'
 I found these packets of dried soup and vegetable powders, sourced from different parts of South America, they also had dried potato from the Andes, made with a speciality heirloom potato (this is still unopened and sitting in my cupboard).  I must remember to try it.  

This tiny store within the Bonpland market sold lots of bulk items, vegan and raw snacks and nut butters etc.  They don't have a website yet but the company is Nutricia.  They have a Facebook page.  

Beetroot and seaweed chips.  Expensive but a nice little treat.

My friends at Ana Dietetica on calle Sanchez de Bustamante, sourced these for me.  They proudly waved them at me, bouncing around like excited little kittens, when I went into the store….just before I was getting in the taxi to fly home! Never got to try them but, apparently, they were gluten free too.

 This was the shy young guy, with a retro 'willy' (remember those..ala 1980's.  Short hair with one long, often platted, tail of hair from mid nape.  Bizzare, and at that time sported by many, along with their florescent 'Frankie Goes to Hollywood' T-shirt).  Charmingly (!) named, 'the willy'.   I digress... He and the store La Dietetica de Ana, enjoyed a symbiotic relationship.  Everyday he'd stack his crates of vibrant veggies around the tree outside Ana's store, so her shoppers could buy fresh produce to go with their health foods.   He had a little scale that weighed the produce and sold by the kilo.   These type of open air produce sellers are located on most streets.
Buenos Aires has diet├ęticas dotted all around the city.  They are not like Whole Foods or Fresh & Wild in the UK but they have a small selection of gluten free and diabetics foods and vitamins and minerals, alongside a small bulk selection of herbs, spices and some superfoods etc.  Celiacs should definitely locate their nearest when visiting the city.

Finally, a store on Av Dorrego, the trendy street that cuts to Villa Crespo , Punto Verde Mercado Organico opens its doors every Friday and Saturday. You can buy fresh produce and many vegan/raw artisan products and even eco friendly cleaning products and cosmetics.  Lots of people come pulling empty trollies to fill or cotton bags to fill with beautiful organic veggies.  The community that gathers there also sell great salads, snacks and treats to sit and eat whilst chatting to new and old friends. Superfood brownies.  Equilibrio Gusto sell yamani aroz hamburguesa sin gluten (gluten free, rice bun burger with brown rice and millet pattie and salad, hummus). It is so supportive and a great hub of health and planet conscious gente (folk).  

There are many other places too. This is a scratch at the service of the organic and vegan products in Buenos Aires.  If you were worried about visiting the Federal Capital of Buenos Aires and not finding anything you can eat.  Rest assured their is a growing community that has it covered.

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Have you visited Buenos Aires?  Do you live there?  Leave any tips you have in the comments box below.

Be well,

India xx


chow vegan 10 January 2013 21:45   Best Blogger Tips

Glad to see you found so many vegan products there. Did you have a favorite?

india leigh 11 January 2013 00:18   Best Blogger Tips

@chow vegan

Hey Chow!
Good question….the salsa and eggplant dip got smothered on pretty much everything so I guess they were faves.

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