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5000 People Descend On VegFest Brighton 2014

VegFest 2014 announced that over 5,000 visitors attended the Brighton annual veggie festival.  One of Europe's biggest veggie lifestyle shows.  I was astounded to see the people continually (and eagerly) pouring in through the doors.  The warmest day of the year so far and the festival was no match for Brighton's pebble beach. 

125 stalls and caterers stocked with some great-tasting vegan foods ranging from pad thais, cakes, canapes, mock meats, cheeses, chocolates, and lots more.  If fact, it was all a bit over whelming, and indulgent (but that was my own doing!).  There were dozens of talks, cookery demos, workshops and short films on the benefits of following a plant-based lifestyle.   
John Robb,  hosted a fundraising auction hosted by in aid of the Animal Welfare Party's bid to win a seat at the May EU Elections. The VeggieVision speed-dating session, hosted by Karin Ridgers, which attracted over 100 people (now being single I really had no excuse for not partaking!).  I hear it was quite the success.

It almost brought me to (happy) tears to see how the quality of food, clothes, cosmetics, treats and 'green' house hold products improves year upon year.  Together with the innovative, kind, friendly and warm atmosphere that always pervades.

Lots of new faces added to the established vegan businesses. I also noticed the rise in gluten free products which is great to see.

A happy day.

I hope you enjoy the images.

A very small sampling of the companies showing their goodies

Higher Living Herbs   Tea infusions
All Good Things Supper Club - Sammy Gill 07706 217911
Organic Culture  Safe cleaning products for your baby
Freerangers  Shoes hand made in the UK
Operation Icing Brighton not for profit bakery

Did you attend?  What was your favourite purchase?


Nicole 1 April 2014 14:27   Best Blogger Tips

I really have to go next year!

chow vegan 6 April 2014 08:27   Best Blogger Tips

It's good to see so many people and companies attended the event. And it looks like there was a lot of interesting food and products that I wouldn't mind trying myself. :-)

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