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M.O.B In Brooklyn. Avant-garde Pizza. A Tale Of Two Cities.

I flew to New York last year.  It was a long held dream of mine to visit the Big Apple.  The iconic city definitely did not disappoint.  I wrote about all my food adventures in NYC, but I left out this one.  I wanted to visit Paris and see the other MOB and bring you both of them.

M.O.B. was born in the mind of Cyril Aouizerate, over a 20 year period, while he was studying the works of Maimonides, a Spanish born Jewish philosopher, on the health benefits of various combinations of vegetables, fruits and spices. At that time he tells himself that someday he will try to make this philosophical text an ambitious project in bringing men together, regardless of their beliefs. And for their desire to, and belief of eating together.  After finding the appropriate place for him to build his restaurant, Cyril founded M.O.B (Maimonides of Brooklyn).  
It is set away from the hipster areas of Williamsburg and up and coming Bushwick. It gave me a good excuse to further explore Brooklyn. The neighbourhood circles a huge greenspace.  Prospect Park may not have the fame of Central Park in Manhattan, but I actually preferred it as a place to get away from the craziness of the city.

I visited in the afternoon.  Hungry from sightseeing and map reading.  A cute Irish guy offered me a warm welcome, sat me down and brought me a tray of oven baked kale chips whilst I read the menu.  Whilst it was a bit quiet inside, the lunch rush not yet taken hold, I thought the atmosphere was easy.  I chose an MOB. Well, I couldn't visit and not imbibe their namesake.  The Iron Man. A generous topping of kale, shiitake mushrooms and a gorgeous horseradish aioli.  All vegan.  All gluten free.  The base is made mostly of chickpea flour.

The MOB is baked in ovenware formed to the shape of the Brooklyn Bridge (nice touch).  It was delicious.  Generously topped and the base, though not like pizza, it had an almost cakey texture but it was good and it soaked up the aioli and the juices from the sauté perfectly.  Filling too!  I would definitely recommend eating at MOB when you visit Brooklyn.  If you come to NYC, Brooklyn is a must.   It has a totally different feel.  Less frenetic than its island neighbour.  I felt I could breathe here.

525 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

Paris!!  I was lucky enough to be in Paris a few weeks ago. I found MOB located in a great little spot right beside the Seine, in a building dedicated to design.  However, not all things are created equal and when I asked for a gluten free MOB I was told, 'this is Paris', we do not do the same as Brooklyn. Disappointing.  
However I was made to feel a little better by their eye catching 'plastic animals in nightshade'. Yes, I am at times, easily pleased. 
I had to go elsewhere to find vegan AND gluten free food.

34 Quai d'Austerlitz
Paris, France


Eating OUT & Eating IN. Gluten Free & Vegan in Paris [Part 2]

Following on from Paris Part 1, I bring you supermarkets, cafes and a few other vegan cafes I sat and watched the world go by in whilst enjoying a little snack or two.  You'll also find a really useful list of articles on gluten free and vegan eating in Paris, I picked up from the internet.  Though of course this is all you need! Do make sure you check if the restaurants and cafes are open every day and check their opening hours.  Also, find out if they take cash and/or cards for payment. (You can benefit from my mistakes).


Also known as Sol Semilia.  I had a slice of ginger cake here. Made with buckwheat. They serve lunch and dinner on certain nights. I did not try but it looked and smelled great as they served it to the diners beside me. They also sell super foods.

Currently the only vegan patisserie in Paris.  Vegan Folies. Freshly baked cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes and brownies.  Their toffee cheesecake was gluten free so I grabbed a take out slice to devour whilst sitting in the park with a friend.  I'd love to see more gluten free Parisian pastries on offer here.

Nestled in a covered market between two butcher (eek!) is My Kitch'n  The Swedish founder serves one or two gluten free, vegan dishes.


A totally dedicated vegan supermarket in Paris Un Mond Vegan.  They have an extensive range of products.  A great little shop, near the Place Du Republic.

The lovely girl at Un Monde Vegan had a list of all the great vegan restaurants and cafes in Paris.

I loved these polenta bakes from Tossolia. They are vegan and gluten free.  I enjoyed them with Lima courgette soup and slices of Morsserisella.

Naturalia stock a good selection of vegan, raw, and organic products.

Health food/ organic stores are scattered all over Paris. NaturaliaBio MoiBio C Bon to name but a few.

I found a shop entirely dedicated to gluten free items of an Italian bent.

Carrefour  a chain who are dotted all over the city. They have many items suitable for vegans, and a gluten free and organic section. 

Most of the supermarkets, even the little express stores had a gluten free section. I found these tarts.  They were a bit sweet and artificial for me but you may love them.

I lived off these patties from Sojasun. A tasty respite from expensive dining out! Only 3 Euro from most supermarkets. Gluten free and vegan but not for the soy adverse.

I was happy to discover what I consider to the best, hands down, almond milk I've had to date (beside my own fresh). La Mandorle actually taste like almonds.  Delicious.  Not like some of the ones I've tried in the US (Silk) which are a bit unnatural tasting.

I discovered this French made Karma Kombucha. It has just the right acidity & fizz. They also sell a kefir which was refreshing and delicious.

cafes in Paris

Chic and bright, Cafe Pinson located at the north end of La Marais in the 10th arrondissement.  They have vegan desserts that are gluten free.  Though on the day I visited just a syllabub was on offer. Typical cost of a cup of tea, 4 euro.  Paris is anything but cheap.

Another hip coffee bar. Intimate and friendly just off the Canal St Martin. 10 Belles is much loved by the discerning coffee connoisseur.

One of my favourite places to write.  Great background music and a calming atmosphere.  Many cups of green tea were supped here by 
                                 La Chambre Aux Oiseaux
Canal  St Martin

I had to include this restaurant not because I ate there but because I am immature and I thought the name was funny.

Dose Dealer De Cafe is a nice little coffee shop in the Latin Quarter.  My second favourite area of Paris.

Whilst wandering the streets away from the tourist areas I stumbled across this covered market. Built on the site of a 16th century orphanage on the Rue De Bretagne. It had lots of food stalls but I did not find anything vegan.  It is a good place for coffee/tea and a spot of Parisian watching.

After a little bit of research and planning, I strategically placed myself in the area with the most vegan/vegetarian cafes and restaurants.  I was steps from Bob's Juice Bar, Holybelly, Tuck Shop, Le Bar Des Artisans, and easy walking distance to others.

Useful guides for vegan eating in Paris

There is much written about the vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Paris.  I wrote about it in [Paris Part 1]. Top 5 Vegan & Gluten Free Dishes In Paris

These are just a few I found useful when I first arrived in Paris.

Happy Cow
Vegan Paris

I found this really useful, too.  It is a mobile app for vegans in Paris, by a Parisian.  

Gorgeous Cafes in Paris

I gathered some information on the most happening cafes in Paris, too.  Personally, I do not like coffee. The aroma..oh yes but the taste..not so much!  However, I like hanging out in a good coffee shop.

Have you been to Paris?   Leave a comment and let us know which were your favourites.
Did you spot any food trucks? I do not think this idea has hit the streets of Paris yet.

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